Kayla Da Costa Pacheco, Portugal 25, physiotherapist

I'm Portuguese, my father was born in Portugal, my friends are Portuguese and my partner is also Portuguese, so why not cheer for my country

Local fans of the beautiful game explain allegiances ahead of FIFA World Cup

For the first time in more than 35 years, Canadian fans of the beautiful game

The FIFA World Cup will have their national team to cheer for alongside giants such as Germany, England and France.

Bachir Cissé, Senegal 25, financial services director

René Garcia Lozano, Mexico 47, telecommunications engineer and cybersecurity specialist

For so many immigrants to Canada who live in the National Capital Region, they'll be able to add Canada to the country they normally back at the World Cup.

Radio Canada's Jonathan Jobin caught up with some soccer fans who still cheer for their ancestral teams, and asked them to explain their allegiances as the tourney begins in Qatar.